Will using a magnetic whiteboard harm people?

Magnetic whiteboards are playing an increasingly important role in work and are becoming increasingly popular in daily life. Many families also purchase magnetic whiteboards for demonstration or teaching purposes, as well as for children's graffiti. So, is magnetic whiteboard harmful to the human body?

Technically speaking, a magnetic whiteboard is non magnetic. It is made with a layer of corrugated paper, a layer of galvanized iron sheet, and then the surface is painted. Because galvanized skin has iron properties, it can attract magnets, and the matching magnetic buckle is a long-term magnet. Compared to electromagnetic radiation from computers, mobile phones, and other devices, the magnetic field strength of magnetic buckles is minimal and has little impact on the human body.

If you still feel uneasy when using it, there is a simple way to judge. We can test with a compass to see if there is any significant deviation. If not, you can use it with confidence.

Will using a magnetic whiteboard harm people?
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