Whiteboard Accessories Whiteboard Flip-charts and Clips

Whiteboard flip charts and clips are tools used for recording and displaying information. Whiteboard flip charts are convenient tools for writing and flipping pages to present information in settings such as training sessions, meetings, and presentations. Clips are tools used to secure flip charts on whiteboards, ensuring the safety and stable display of information. These tools are commonly used to enhance collaboration and information sharing.

Whiteboard Flip-charts and Clips

If you’ve ever attended a training session then you’ve likely seen the value of whiteboard flipcharts first hand. It might sound strange to use flipcharts when you have a whiteboard to write on but flip charts have a wide range of uses. They offer more a permanent way of note taking for one thing but they also allow you to move information about more effectively.

Yes, everyone can see what is written on the whiteboard but with a flip chart, you can more easily pass that information around the room. This is particularly valuable when it comes to training sessions and group work, but flip charts are very versatile and can be used for all kinds of reasons including presentations and meetings.


So, whiteboard flipcharts are certainly a great accessory to have but remember you’ll need flip charts clips as well. Flipchart clips are easy to use and allow you to securely hold flipcharts to a whiteboard for whenever you need that extra bit of versatility.
Whiteboard Accessories Whiteboard Flip-charts and Clips
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