What is a whiteboard - A brief introduction to whiteboards

When it comes to whiteboard, it usually refers to a type of erasable board, commonly used in teaching, meetings, or team discussions. Here are some relevant information and connections about Whiteboard:

Types of Whiteboards: There are various types of Whiteboards, including traditional magnetic whiteboards, glass whiteboards, interactive electronic whiteboards, etc. Each type has different characteristics and uses.

Usage: Whiteboard is often used for teaching and discussion, and can be used to present concepts, take notes, draw charts, design process diagrams, etc. In the field of software development, whiteboard is often used to explain and discuss code.

Advantages of Whiteboard: Using Whiteboard can provide real-time interaction and visualization effects, which helps understanding and communication. It can also be rewritten at any time, making it easy to modify and update content.

What is a whiteboard - A brief introduction to whiteboards
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