What is a Melamine Student Whiteboard and How Does It Help?

Melamine non magnetic student whiteboard is a tool used for students' learning and teaching, also named dry erase lapboard. Its characteristic is that it is non magnetic and can be directly written and wiped on its surface, making it very convenient and environmentally friendly.

student dry erase whiteboard
Using a non magnetic student whiteboard, students can use a regular whiteboard pen to write on its surface. After writing, students can easily wipe with a pen or cloth, allowing them to repeatedly use the same small whiteboard without the need for additional paper and ink, saving resources and costs.

Non magnetic student whiteboards can be used for various disciplines and teaching activities. Students can do mathematical calculations, practice writing, and draw charts on it. Teachers can use it in class to explain concepts, demonstrate problem-solving processes, record student responses, and more. It can also be used for group collaborative learning, where students can record and share ideas and answers.

student whiteboard
In addition to convenience and environmental protection, non magnetic student whiteboards also have other advantages. It has a smooth surface and smooth writing, providing a good writing experience. It is also lightweight, easy to carry and store.

In short, the non magnetic student whiteboard is a very practical and convenient learning tool that can help students better participate in learning and teaching activities, and improve learning effectiveness.

What is a Melamine Student Whiteboard and How Does It Help?
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